Thursday, November 27, 2008

the tin man would trade his brand new heart for these

I am loving this image from rag & bone's new shoe line.

But what I'm loving even more are these Forever 21 silver brogues that I bought weeks ago. Not bad considering they were less than $20.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

one degree of separation...sometimes two

I was watching an old episode of How I Met Your Mother the other day, and while giggling at the helmet-headed news anchor Sandy Rivers, I realized how familiar the actor looked. As the credits rolled, I recognized a name in the guest star roster. Alexis Denisof as 'Sandy Rivers.' Yep, Sandy Rivers is also Wesley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. So I started thinking about the many links between HIMYM and the Whedonverse, and here's what I came up with:

- (Obviously) Alexis Denisof appears in Buffy, Angel and HIMYM.

- Alexis Denisof is married (and having a baby!) with Alyson Hannigan, who played Willow in Buffy and plays Lily on HIMYM.

- Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan are godparents to Joss Whedon's son. Whedon created Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Dollhouse.

-Neil Patrick Harris plays Barney on HIMYM and played the title character in Doctor Horrible, Whedon's made-for-the-web musical.

-Amy Acker was a regular on Angel (And the last season of Alias. Not relevant, but just saying), guest starred on HIMYM, and is now a cast member of Whedon's new series Dollhouse.

-John Cho, who guest starred on HIMYM, played Harold in the Harold and Kumar movies, which also featured Neil Patrick Harris. And Kal Penn, who played Kumar, had a small role in a season four episode of Buffy.

And I'm out of connections.....for now. Mainly, because I'm too lazy to do any internet research.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

a queen and a dame

The first images of Alexander McQueen's McQ collection for Target

Dame Edna!

The Dame Edna collection for MAC. Available December 26th.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my arms are cold

I got an absurd deal on this Moschino coat. And it finally arrived! In all of its short-sleeved and completely unsuitable for Minnesota winter glory!

A Superman moment with my Comme des Garcons "Play" t-shirt (Which I am obliged to point out, I did not get at full price. Not at that $120 t-shirt stage of my life quite yet). Just one of the many things that I have in common with Kanye West. Others include: an off-key singing voice, an appreciation of Takashi Murakami, and a blog that we both update regularly. Oh, wait. That whole thing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

suck it twilight

I wanted to like Twilight. I hadn't heard much of the books, but once the movie buzz began I decided to give the series a try. Now I'm as into hot marble-bodied vampires as much the next girl, but wow, I hated that book. Don't get me wrong, I finished it in like a day and a half. It's a pretty addicting read. But I found the writing juvenile, the story tired, and the message entirely anti-feminist. Needless to say, I won't be seeing the movie or finishing the rest of the series. There was something else about the novel that I found a bit unnerving, and now that Robert Pattinson (the hot British Cedric Diggory actor who plays sparkly love vamp Edward Cullen) has commented on it, I know I'm not alone.
"When I read it I was convinced Stephenie was convinced she was Bella and it was like it was a book that wasn't supposed to be published. It was like reading her sexual fantasy, especially when she said it was based on a dream and it was like, 'Oh, I've had this dream about this really sexy guy,' and she just writes this book about it. Like some things about Edward are so specific, I was just convinced, like, 'This woman is mad. She's completely mad and she's in love with her own fictional creation.' And sometimes you would feel uncomfortable reading this thing."
That and the fact that the author is already claiming that Pattinson's performance is Oscar-worthy (and I don't think the actor would take that compliment seriously either), and I'm starting to think she's a wee bit off her rocker. So in the interest of celebrating movies that don't feature clumsy self-absorbed damsels in distress, here's the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

An extended Watchmen trailer has also been released. There are a couple of things that I find a little odd (in particular Roschach referring to the Watchmen, even though that term is never spoken in the book), but I'm still optimistic. And the reviews from the pre-screen earlier this fall were extremely positive. If you haven't read Watchmen yet, I cannot recommend it enough. Considered a literary classic, this Alan Moore-penned graphic novel is one of the best works of fiction of the 20th century. So if you're still trying to get past the comic book stigma, this critically acclaimed graphic novel is a great introduction to the genre.

And if you just want to watch pretty perfume commercials, here's a link to the video for the Miss Dior Cherie television spot shot by Sofia Coppola.

totally and utterly justifiable

I am a beauty and fragrance sucker. For new packaging. For collectible gift sets. For limited stock. For new versions of products that I already own. But despite the easily manipulated nature of my consumer drive, it's accurate to say that I NEED this fragrance. Beauty Addict got me hooked on the Monyette Paris Perfume Oil way back when. And although it's the only fragrance I own that makes me sneeze, I wear it often and almost always have the cute little vial in my purse. Now an Eau de Parfum has been released, and I want it ever so. This isn't like the time I purchased a second bottle of YSL Opium because it had just been released in fancy packaging for the holidays. This purchase is necessary. And, like, totally justifiable.

For those not yet on the Monyette Paris bandwagon, this cult fragrance is a perfect escape for cold winter days. Just close your eyes and let the creamy tropical scent transport you to a beach in Tahiti. The whole experience is very Calgon, Take Me Away, but with more sophisticated notes and much cuter packaging. The fragrance has just the right balance of gardenia and vanilla orchid, creating a romantic blend that's soft and feminine. I receive a compliment on this fragrance almost every time I wear it. And if no one says anything, it's probably because I'm wearing it in the privacy of my apartment. In my bathing suit. In the middle of winter. Drinking a Chi Chi with the radiators cranked.

Note: I totally don't regret picking up that beautiful and completely unnecessary bottle of Opium.
Another Note: A Chi Chi is a Pina Colada, but with vodka instead of rum. Delish.
Last note: Jessica Simpson named her fragrance "Fancy?" Really? Is it supposed to be ironic? Some sort of throwback? So many jokes and snide comments in brain. Can't pick just one. Head is going to explode.

life is good

This weekend my friend gave a few of us a tour of the new Tetsumi Kudo retrospective Garden of Metamorphosis at the Walker Art Center (it's pretty nice being friends with the tour manager). It's the Japanese artist's first solo show in the United States, and though he's a major influence in Asia and Europe, he remains fairly obscure in the American art vernacular. A lot of his work is relatively straightforward, albeit provocative (An installation piece featuring over a hundred flaccid phalluses (phalli?), one of which was ejaculating postcards of famous pieces of art. You know, just your everyday ejaculation of culture). However, some of the works are incredibly challenging and I was grateful to have a friend who could explain his motives and ideas in such an accessible way. I am now officially a huge fan of his work, and am even considering making my own DIY versions of his birdcage and terrarium pieces to give to friends for creepy holiday gifts.

All the birds were out in Loring Park afterwards. Canadian geese, mallards, swans, seagulls. The geese and the ducks were the most friendly. I wore my favorite old corduroy coat that I found in a thrift shop on Nantucket back in high school. Whenever I see it in photos, I'm reminded of how totally shapeless it is, but I wear it all the time nonetheless. It makes me think of the 90s: flannel shirts and Skin Musk (when it was still made by Bonne Bell). And I totally wore a turban. Kind of a desperate Prada Spring 07 throwback, but I love wearing it and it kept my ears warm.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army came out on DVD last week, so an embarassingly large chunk of my weekend was spent watching the special features. The special edition cover features a hologram that shifts from a close-up of Ron Perlman as Hellboy to one of Mike Mignola's comic book images. It really makes you appreciate how committed director Guillermo del Toro is to honoring the look and feel of Mignola's original art.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

oui oui mon cherie

Sofia Coppola's commercial for Miss Dior Cherie debuted last night during Gossip Girl, but I still have yet to find a clip online. Until then, these images from the campaign will have to do.

michelle, my belle

It isn't exactly groundbreaking to mention how well-dressed Michelle Obama has been throughout the campaign season, However, I was pleased to see her iconic status further celebrated at Elizabeth Peyton's retrospective at New Museum in New York City. After her husband's win last week, Michelle and Sasha Obama Listening to Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention August 2008 (that is a mouthful) was added to the exhibition. I've never found Elizabeth Peyton to be the most groundbreaking artist (though I do own a beach towel featuring one of her Sid Vicious sketches), but her pictures sure are pretty. And Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton will be coming to the Walker Art Center next February. So hopefully we Minnesotans will be able to check out the artist's rendering of Michelle Obama's famous Thakoon shift in person.

And on a slight tangent, I recently had a conversation with a friend who wanted to understand why I love fashion so much. She raised a lot of good points about why the fashion industry is something to be feared or scorned. It preys on our insecurities. It promotes unrealistic standards of beauty, not to mention label snobbery. It can be the most acute example of rampant materialism and consumerism. And considering that the majority of us wear clothing every day, it's not exactly the easiest thing to avoid. It's universal. But that's actually kind of why I love fashion. It can be universal in such a positive way.

A wealthy celebrity can assemble an expensive outfit, carry the it-est bag, and employ an entourage devoted solely to maintaining her hair extensions. And yeah, she probably looks good. But there are also high school girls in small towns who shop at consignment and thrift shops, and their style is often just as interesting, if not more so. I mention this because I really appreciate that for every Thakoon or Narcisco Rodriguez dress that Michelle Obama wears, there's also a Gap or H&M sundress that she's worn during public appearances. She can take something that is available at the mall (like that White House/Black Market dress that she wore on The View), and make it look like a thousand bucks. It's inspiring and a great reminder that fashion and style can be accessible to everyone, whether you're carrying a Balenciaga motorcycle bag or your mom's old purse from the 1970s.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

ta da!

A not-so-great camera phone photo of my Halloween Starbuck tattoo.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Am going to try and find a picture of the Starbuck tattoo I drew on my arm. It was a pretty good likeness.

good show, gwyneth

Gwyneth Platrow in Antonio Gerardi

and Giles Deacon

obama is beautiful world

so. effing. cute.

And my Disney fetish continues. This Paul & Joe for Disney collection was released in Japan last spring, and due to overwhelming demand, made its way to Europe, and is now finally available in the United States. Though it's only being carried in the beauty department of Bergdorf Goodman, it can also be picked up online at the beauty closet.

i heart diffusion lines

Holy crap. After months of rumors and speculation, it's been announced that Alexander McQueen will be designing a capsule collection for Target. This won't be an addition to the discount chain's successful Go International line (Target intends to keep that line focused on smaller labels and up-and-comers. Thakoon, Luella Bartley, Richard Chai, Paul & Joe, etc.), but will instead be the first installment of Designer Collaborations, a series of capsule collections featuring more established designers.

It should be noted that McQueen's collection for Target will be a version of his lower-priced McQ line, as opposed to an interpretation of his high fashion looks. McQueen's line will launch in March, so Thakoon will have to satisfy our discount designer cravings for now.

Additionally, the first pictures of I Heart Ronson, Charlotte Ronson's new line for JCPenney, have been trickling onto the internet. The looks are definitely in step with Ronson's rock girl sensibility, and that floral one-piece paired with shiny black leggings has me rethinking my stance on rompers. By the time the collection is released in February, the Minnesota winter will have me desperate for these flirty floral numbers.

Friday, November 7, 2008

at last! the mystery is solved.

I'm a pretty well-versed K-Horror fan. Not really an expert on the whole of South Korean cinema by any means, but I can talk for days about The Vengeance Trilogy, The Quiet Family, and The Host. So when I heard that Elizabeth Banks (star of Slither, which is possibly the best movie of all time) and Emily Browning (who played the resourceful Violet Beaudelaire in the Lemony Snicket film) were starring in The Uninvited, a K-Horror remake, I was pretty excited.

I'd never seen the original film, which was released in Korea in 2003, though I'd always heard that it was one of the genre's classics. So when I saw the trailer for the American film, I was pretty confused that I found the storyline and imagery extremely familiar. I was certain that I'd never seen the original, unless I watched it on Ambien.

This inconsequential little thing lingered in my mind, burrowing into my brain like some sort of weird alien movie knowledge parasite. I know that with the internet, questions like these can be addressed within seconds. But my weird sense of K-Horror pride insisted that I figure out the mystery for myself. And I rolled it over and over in my brain for days, people. Eventually I realized that although I'd never seen the Korean film The Uninvited, I had certainly seen the classic A Tale of Two Sisters, also released in 2003. And folks, the American film is a remake of the latter. I don't know why they insisted on changing the name, especially giving it a title associated with a different Korean film. But I can finally give my brain a rest.

Of course, now I can obsess about how the American The Uninvited will pale in comparison to A Tale of Two Sisters. I'll never be satisfied.

trailer for the American version of The Uninvited

trailer for the Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters

and for the original and unrelated Korean film The Uninvited (sorry, no subtitles)

excuse me while i drool

Images from Thakoon's Go International collection for Target have been officially released. Making the most of the designer's unique ability with prints, the line is feminine and flirtatious, without being overly saccharine. Using some of his most successful shapes and timeless cuts, these pretty prints will definitely help satisfy the Thakoon craving that's been ravaging women ever since Michelle Obama wore one of his ladylike shifts during the DNC.

It's quite summery for a collection that's being released on Christmas Day, but just take that as an excuse to take that long-delayed trip to Jamaica. Or, more reasonably, have some fun with layering. Especially if you're in Minnesota, where it is currently snowing. Layers, ladies. Many many layers.

And a quick flashback to Michelle Obama at the DNC:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vote lando!

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

life in monochrome

Susie Bubble's post about Fred Butler reminded me of this piece from New York Magazine last winter. Sticking to one color palette isn't really something I can wrap my brain around, but the commitment that it requires and the results that it delivers are pretty impressive.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

my halloween costume for next year

happy halloween!

Now go to your local drugstore and take advantage of their 80% off post-holiday clearance.