Sunday, April 19, 2009

sisters 4 life!

I'm not very into "torture porn." The genre has some inherent problems (particularly with the sensationalism of sexualized violence), though it's not something I get too worked up and self-righteous about anymore. Mostly, I just don't really enjoy those films. Graphic disembowelments and shredding flesh don't do much for me. Unless they're funny (insert Shaun of the Dead here). That said, sometimes there's nothing I want to see more than a slasher flick. Halloween. Friday the 13th. Even the original Black Christmas with Margot Kidder. I'm not exactly sure how to reconcile my enjoyment of these films with my bleeding heart social views. I just know that watching Jamie Lee Curties attack Michael Myers with a wire hanger is consistently rewarding. Maybe that's why I totally want to see the movie Sorority Row. It looks awful. The cast includes Audrina Partridge and Rumer Willis (the former far more embarrassing than the latter). But it totally looks like something that will satisfy my occasional craving for a good old fashioned slasher. Plus, it has Carrie Fisher in it.

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Katharine said...

I kind of love Audrina, but still feel a sense of satisfaction coming as I see her get slashed for a stupid idea. I imagine that many Hills watchers will feel similarly.