Friday, July 16, 2010

day of the dead

The first image from Rodarte's collaboration with MAC has been released, and though I'm excited for the collection, I've got a major complaint as well.

The palette and theme were inspired by Mexico, and as is Rodarte's style, there's a dark gothic femininity to the names and colors. A sheer white-washed lipstick named Ghost Town and a delicate pink blush named Quinceanera already sound like stand-out items. But as multiple bloggers have pointed out (I believe that The Frisky was the first to notice), there are two nail polishes named "Juarez" and "Factory."

Uh, really? As in Juarez, the factory town which has gained infamy due to the horrifying number of young women who have been raped, disappeared and/or found murdered in recent years? The town notorious for a police force that still refuses to take these matters seriously?

I'm all for being dark and creepy, but naming a pink nail polish "Juarez" isn't gothic or moody, it's fucked up. I'm especially surprised since MAC is usually such a socially conscious brand. I'm hoping that MAC releases an apology, or at the very least, clarification as to why the names were chosen.

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PTPenguino said...

The city is named for Benito Juarez, the first president of Mexico. What THAT has to do with pink, I couldn't guess.