Tuesday, September 30, 2008

where is tyra when i need her?

I need to marathon some America's Next Top Model and practice smiling with my eyes. I've been on a not-so-great picture streak as of late, and I think I need to start paying more attention to Ms. Banks' words of wisdom. And perhaps create some new rules of my own.

1) Watch the bitchface. Why so serious?

2) It's okay to smile. When you're nervous about getting your photograph taken and you try not to smile, you can easily look pinched. (Does the outfit look familiar?)

3) Use eyecream. I'm no Lauren Conrad, but I think I see something developing at the outer corners of my 27-year old eyes.

4) The most important rule of all is actually a two-parter.
a) Modest above-the-knee dresses become significantly shorter when sitting.
b) This indecency is made infinitely worse by SITTING ON A MIRROR!

And now that I've scarred you by almost showing you my ladybits, I'm off to Silver and Gold!

the last two photos are by Digital Crush, from Sugar and Creative Context, respectively

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