Friday, July 31, 2009

i'm more of a fashion backstroker myself

The girls at City Pages Freestyle Fashion have been very out and about lately, and last weekend they caught a few of my friends and me at The Soap Factory. (I know that sounds wrong, but "my friends and me" is totally correct, as we are the direct objects of the sentence.)

Katherine Rochester, one of my best friends and a fixture on the local art scene. She's young, beautiful and successful. Secretly, I hate her.

Bryn Bundlie, graphic designer, accomplished thrift shopper, and all-around pretty person. Compliment Bryn on anything she owns and she usually responds, "I got it for one dollar!" I kind of hate her, too.

Me! From the blank expression on my face, it's not surprising to learn that I tailgated the Minnesota Thunder game before coming by the Soap. My glazed eyes and slumped posture express one true thing: I love the Champagne of Beers!


Chloe said...

Eek! You are one hot lady. Love the whole look.

I always sit and talk to myself when it comes to the whole "I versus me" quandary. I always learned that when you drop the other component (for example, "my friends" in that sentence) and just say "last weekend they caught ____ at The Soap Factory" which sounds correct- me, or I? Me is correct. So that's what you use.

Like I said, this always leads to me mumbling to myself and counting things out randomly on my fingers in the middle of typing. Grammatically speaking, I'm a mess everywhere else- BUT GOSH DARNIT, I CAN GET THAT ONE RIGHT!

Chloe said...


*blows kisses*