Sunday, July 5, 2009

disappearing act

Sorry for my absence of late. My laptop had a bit of an altercation with a glass of white wine, and sadly, the pinot grigio came out on top. I've also been on my boyfriend's grandparents' farm in rural Northern Virginia for the past few days. And going up in two-seater airplanes and taking care of the horses plus no wireless or cell reception had me pretty much MIA. Photos of ponies and sunburns and all the worms I dug up to go fishing will be posted shortly.

I'm currently hanging out the airport preparing for my return to Minneapolis with a book and a few magazines to pass the time. I picked up a copy of Lucky, my usual airplane fare, at the newstand, and after skimming through it I can firmly say that, man, I am not in the mood to spend money right now. Any money. Not that I'm usually rolling in dough, but I used to be pretty excited to look through editorials and take notes on items that I'd like to own someday. But now, I can't even bring myself to work on a fantasy sartorial list. Whenever I pop open a magazine to look through fashion photographs, all I can do is think about whether I can recreate any of the looks with my existing wardrobe. Or, God forbid, attempt to sew something myself.

So in honor of loving clothes but not loving spending a whole lot of cash, I wanted to share the gown that won the Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.

That is an amazing creation. I just hope she doesn't get caught in the rain.

And the hat. Beautiful. Clearly a thick ply.

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Katharine said...

You were in NORTHERN Virginia and said nothing to your DC folks? BETH HAMMARLUND!