Monday, January 25, 2010

for your consideration

Ah, the SAG Awards. So unfortunately named, but still the only awards that I really put much faith in, at least as far as acting is concerned. Though there were a lot of lovely looks on the red carpet (Julianna Margulies in Narcisco Rodriguez and Meryl Streep in Balenciaga deserve a quick acknowledgment), this list includes just my very favorites of the night. Enjoy.

Monique in um, I'm not really sure: Let's start out with a dress that I desperately want for myself, and can someone please tell me who made it so I can track it down? Monique and I have quite different body types, but this is a chic and feminine gown that has the potential to flatter so many figures. The pale blush shade can be a little hard to wear (and would probably wash me out), but it looks magnificent against Monique's skin tone. Another major point for this look is that the actress (and potentially her stylist) insisted on proper undergarments. This is an issue for any figure, especially when one is wearing a gown made of thin fabric in a pale color, and I've seen many a beautiful dress ruined by unsightly foundation garments. Victory all around.

Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci: Why? WHY does Kate Hudson keep wearing dresses that I love and forcing me to include her in these red carpet recaps? I'm seriously considering no longer featuring her on this site and starting a Hudson boycott. Because I'm sorry, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Fool's Gold, and Alex & Emma cancel out all the beautiful Emilio Pucci, Marchesa, and Versace in the world. But this dress is still gorgeous (though I could do without the awkward pout 'n' pose).

Marion Cotillard in Elie Saab: This Elie Saab strikes me as a bizarre combination of Bjork's infamous swan dress and a figure skating costume, but you know, in a good way.

Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli: Normally princessy gowns aren't my favorite, but there's something so simple and elegant about this dress (descriptive terms I don't usually associate with Roberto Cavalli). Ms. Applegate's hair was also fantastic. Appropriately formal, without being fussy.

stunning rosy makeup and sparkly accessories as well

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen: First of all, I love Jesse James and I adored Monster Garage. I find it so hilarious to see photos of him at these events in a suit. Love it. Secondly, I knew you had it in you, Sandy! I haven't really liked any of Sandra Bullock's recent red carpet choices, but this McQueen gown is such a fantastic selection. Alexis Carrington would be proud.

Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen: This is such a fantastic McQueen collection and it's so rewarding to see an actress give it justice at such a large event. The dress is quite a lot in itself, so I'm glad that Ms. Paquin didn't go overboard with styling.

Dianna Agron in Georges Chakra: Though the draping on Ms. Agron's gown looks slightly modified from the runway version (perhaps just pinned or belted differently? or just a funny angle?), it's still absolutely stunning and a red carpet standout for this event.

the original runway look

Jennifer Carpenter in Paule Ka: Sure, this isn't exactly a unique look, but Jennifer Carpenter wears this micro-minidress with such confidence that it just won't get out of my head. Gorgeous draping accents on the dress, and I love the black notes in the accessories. Also very Alexis Carrington.

Michelle Monaghan in Calvin Klein: This actress used to be baby-sit my friend, and though she is apparently the world's worst sitter, I've been quite impressed by both her film roles and her red carpet choices. She tends to favor Calvin Klein, and this modern graceful number is a great example of how well the line works for her.

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu: This is my personal favorite look of the night, and to no one's surprise, it's worn by Diane Kruger. It's not quite as dynamic as Michelle Williams' mustard yellow Vera Wang from the 2006 Academy Awards (Ms. Kruger is even rocking a similar tomato red lipstick), but it's a beautiful color and cut. Though Ms. Kruger doesn't seem to pick favorites with designers, a lot of my favorite looks of hers happen to be by Jason Wu. The pair seem to work quite well together.

Carey Mulligan in Lanvin: This is a pretty predictable choice for Ms. Mulligan, and it's a strikingly similar cut to the Nina Ricci gown that she just wore for the Golden Globes. That said, this Lanvin number is still a stunner, and the color suits her (despite the unfortunate fact that it tends to blend into the red carpet in event photographs).


Anne said...

Is it just me, or do the actresses seem especially thin this awards season...

a tiny machine said...

Honestly, at this point I can't even tell anymore. I feel like whenever I think someone seems scary skinny, I find out she's 5'2" and in that context, not unhealthy at all, and I end up feeling superbad for body snarking. And there are some very thin taller celebs out there that I don't necessarily think look unhealthy. Like Jennifer Carpenter. She's got the body of a praying mantis, but I suspect she's just built that way. That said, it makes me sad that we still seem unable to accept beautiful sizes in the extremes. What about the 6-14s in the world?

a tiny machine said...

Clarifying previous comment: I meant we only seem to be able to accept beauty within the extremes.

Katharine said...

The second I saw Kruger pictures, I knew you were going to post this dress. I also love it, though for slightly different reasons. Is it wrong that I saw it and the first thought in my head was: Now THAT is the color I want to paint my bike!

Katharine said...

But seriously, I do love her dress.

a tiny machine said...

Okay, I may need to re-think my earlier response to Anne's comment. I was looking at the SAG pictures at work, and I often forget that one of my work screens is slightly distorted, so everything looks wider than it actually is. I just looked at the SAG pics again on my mac, and damn, there IS a lot of skinny going on. When I was looking at the pics before, I remember thinking, Wow, everyone looks so healthy. Um, it's because I was looking at digitally widened images. That said, I worry about this discussion, because although I think it's an important discussion to have about women's bodies/celebrity culture and how that relates to women in general, I'm very very wary of bodysnarking. I hate to have these conversations and then find myself accusing women that I've never met of unhealthy practices.

Jahna Peloquin said...

A much more fitting choice for Jennifer Carpender. She looks hot!

And Sandra Bullock looks fab. Finally!

I love the Georges Chakra... totally what I would wear on the Red Carpet. Why can't we have a Red Carpet to wear lovely dresses on?

Carey Mulligan keeps picking strapless dresses that make her boobs look like they're reaching for her mid-section. Such a pretty girl and pretty dresses but they just don't work on her in my opinion. This one's a little better than the last, though, as far as fit goes.

And yay to Sookie in Alexander McQueen!

Hannah said...

I feel as though it should be mentioned that Kate Hudson has been wearing an inordinate amount of long white dresses on the red carpet... I think someone's trying to tell us something and that something is that she's desperate...