Monday, January 25, 2010

i want candy

So after I selected these images from the Christian Dior couture show and made my little comments, but of course before I had proofread and posted it, Dodai at Jezebel did the same thing (with some of the same exact references). But of course hers is far more insightful and funny. Blast! But anyway, here's a less entertaining version to keep you less entertained! It's what I'm here for!

"Off to the fox hunt! Pip, pip! Cheerio!"

"It's so fortunate that I just happened to be wearing my riding culottes today!"

"I'll get my hands on those dalmatians if it kills me."

I'm intrigued by the physics that went into designing this hat. I must understand the science!!

I feel like there's something very Marie Antoinette meets Valley of the Dolls going on here.

I'm fighting the overwhelming urge to cover my apartment with tea roses and bustled satin. Is that wrong?

I love seeing couture and knowing that, if I could afford it, I would totally wear this for dinner with my girlfriends. Perhaps not the hat, unless we were getting together for High Tea at The St. Paul Hotel.

"My parents named me Chanel Iman. Thank goodness I turned out pretty."

Someone's been marathoning Joan Collins movies.

Like, lots of Joan Collins movies.

This model's hair makes me want a danish, please.

The world needs more bustles. It's an easy spot to store your clutch, leaving your hands free for more important things such as gesticulating wildly, nibbling chocolate covered strawberries, and sipping champagne.

And now I'm hungry for scallops.

Fashion pirate!


Jahna Peloquin said...

High tea at St. Paul Hotel! When?! We must do this, and dress accordingly.

brian said...

hilarious. as per usual.

i love this post.

Anthony said...

Pip, Pip...We need to watch Joan Crawford Movies...Like Now. Great post kid, loved it...