Thursday, April 29, 2010

deus ex imagination

Last Friday for l'étoile's MNfashion event "Imagination Mechanism," our staff took on a unique challenge. The party was a celebration of the creative process, so guests were invited to watch a photo shoot as it took place in one of the Eitel Building's gorgeous apartments, then the entire post-production process (re-touching, layout design, etc.) was projected to give attendants an insider's view of how a fashion editorial is created. So yes, we styled and produced a photo shoot, re-touched the images, and designed a layout all in one evening. If there is ever a Project Runway-style fashion editorial competition, I'm pretty sure the l'étoile staff could easy handle whatever challenges they threw our way.

Click to enlarge the spread and page through the photos

Special thanks to our sponsors Eitel Building City Apartments, Vision Management Group, Secrets of the City, and Ginger Hop Restaurant. A big thanks also to Clement Shimizu, Cole Griswold, Anna Lee, The Guthrie Theater, MNFashion, all the l'etoile staffers, all our awesome volunteers and the huge (and stylish) crowd who came out to check out the event -- we were blown away!

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