Friday, April 30, 2010

yum yum!

Ta da! We've released our spring fashion editorial "Kiss Me Cake!" When I concepted this shoot, my thought process was this: Dresses are pretty. Cakes are pretty. Hats are pretty. Let's shoot dresses with hats made of cake! I didn't really think through the logistics of this idea. So kids, want to know the inside scoop? Cake hats are heavy. Our models were fantastic champs all day and I think we owe them some massage certificates for those neck cramps. Additionally, all of the fashion and accessories were made by local designers, as well as the cake hats themselves. Enjoy this tasty treat with a lovely introduction by our own staff writer and science fiction legend Rob Callahan...

l'étoile magazine's spring fashion editorial, "Kiss Me, Cake" is a sweet mashup of high style and delectable pastry! Basing their designs off of sumptuous gowns and fresh springtime garments, three Twin Cities cake decorators created sugary "hats" that matched the decadence of each dress. Shot by l'étoile editor Kate Iverson, with creative direction by Beth Hammarlund, art direction by Chris Larson, fashion styling by Jahna Peloquin, and hair/makeup by Kate Erickson.

Layered beneath the intoxication of tiramisu rum, the sticky-sweet sapor of icing and devil's food richness, venerable vixens and dazzling dolls adorned with delicate ribbons, bows and sugar flowers beckon like sirens to the sweet of tooth. The promise of love and confection awaits, so look ahead to Kiss Me, Cake. -Rob Callahan

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