Tuesday, November 18, 2008

life is good

This weekend my friend gave a few of us a tour of the new Tetsumi Kudo retrospective Garden of Metamorphosis at the Walker Art Center (it's pretty nice being friends with the tour manager). It's the Japanese artist's first solo show in the United States, and though he's a major influence in Asia and Europe, he remains fairly obscure in the American art vernacular. A lot of his work is relatively straightforward, albeit provocative (An installation piece featuring over a hundred flaccid phalluses (phalli?), one of which was ejaculating postcards of famous pieces of art. You know, just your everyday ejaculation of culture). However, some of the works are incredibly challenging and I was grateful to have a friend who could explain his motives and ideas in such an accessible way. I am now officially a huge fan of his work, and am even considering making my own DIY versions of his birdcage and terrarium pieces to give to friends for creepy holiday gifts.

All the birds were out in Loring Park afterwards. Canadian geese, mallards, swans, seagulls. The geese and the ducks were the most friendly. I wore my favorite old corduroy coat that I found in a thrift shop on Nantucket back in high school. Whenever I see it in photos, I'm reminded of how totally shapeless it is, but I wear it all the time nonetheless. It makes me think of the 90s: flannel shirts and Skin Musk (when it was still made by Bonne Bell). And I totally wore a turban. Kind of a desperate Prada Spring 07 throwback, but I love wearing it and it kept my ears warm.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army came out on DVD last week, so an embarassingly large chunk of my weekend was spent watching the special features. The special edition cover features a hologram that shifts from a close-up of Ron Perlman as Hellboy to one of Mike Mignola's comic book images. It really makes you appreciate how committed director Guillermo del Toro is to honoring the look and feel of Mignola's original art.

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