Tuesday, November 18, 2008

totally and utterly justifiable

I am a beauty and fragrance sucker. For new packaging. For collectible gift sets. For limited stock. For new versions of products that I already own. But despite the easily manipulated nature of my consumer drive, it's accurate to say that I NEED this fragrance. Beauty Addict got me hooked on the Monyette Paris Perfume Oil way back when. And although it's the only fragrance I own that makes me sneeze, I wear it often and almost always have the cute little vial in my purse. Now an Eau de Parfum has been released, and I want it ever so. This isn't like the time I purchased a second bottle of YSL Opium because it had just been released in fancy packaging for the holidays. This purchase is necessary. And, like, totally justifiable.

For those not yet on the Monyette Paris bandwagon, this cult fragrance is a perfect escape for cold winter days. Just close your eyes and let the creamy tropical scent transport you to a beach in Tahiti. The whole experience is very Calgon, Take Me Away, but with more sophisticated notes and much cuter packaging. The fragrance has just the right balance of gardenia and vanilla orchid, creating a romantic blend that's soft and feminine. I receive a compliment on this fragrance almost every time I wear it. And if no one says anything, it's probably because I'm wearing it in the privacy of my apartment. In my bathing suit. In the middle of winter. Drinking a Chi Chi with the radiators cranked.

Note: I totally don't regret picking up that beautiful and completely unnecessary bottle of Opium.
Another Note: A Chi Chi is a Pina Colada, but with vodka instead of rum. Delish.
Last note: Jessica Simpson named her fragrance "Fancy?" Really? Is it supposed to be ironic? Some sort of throwback? So many jokes and snide comments in brain. Can't pick just one. Head is going to explode.


♥ Chloe said...

Hahaha! Jessica Simpson. Fancy,. That's too fun. :)

a tiny machine said...

seriously. i am desperately embarassed for her.

a tiny machine said...

ack. embarrassed. spelling.