Saturday, May 23, 2009

i've been bad

I’ve been an awful blogger these past few weeks. In fact, I should probably be punished.

Evan Rachel Wood and poor Ron Livingston in Pretty Persuasion.

Partially, my absence is due to feeling a bit uninspired as of late. Usually, I find Valentino Garavani to be kind of a douchebag, but this time I agree. The Costume Institute Gala fashion sucked this year. So much that I didn’t even care enough to write about how much it sucked. Too many minis and crap proportions. But I’ve also just been busy. I turned 28 (and a tiny machine turned 1!). I bought a painting and a mixed media wall sculpture at Art-A-Whirl (I’ll post photos once I’m able to actually pick up the pieces from the galleries). I commissioned what’s sure to be an awesome scratchboard piece (it’s going to include a deer and fangs, which are, like, my two favorite things). My friend Noel fixed up a bike for me so that I have something on which to show off my adorable Scandinavian bike basket (I have named my new wheels Sophisticated Lady). Oh, and my day job has been driving me mental. (I love finance! And parentheses!)

Really, the last few weeks can be summed up in this photograph:

Birthday Girl Attacked by Masked Assailant
Photo by Angie Hanson

That really captures my birthday celebration right there. Fake blood, metallic cat mask, and all. Also, a bajillion of my friends had birthdays and one found out that she’s pregnant! On Purpose! Congratulations to everyone!

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