Monday, August 3, 2009

baby wants her bottle

When manfriend and I watched the trailer for Grace, we experienced opposite reactions. We both said, "EEEE!" but his "EEEE!" was more freaked out, disturbed and frightened, while mine was a bit more, "Yeah! Zombie Baby!" Grace follows Madeline, a pregnant woman who has struggled with conception and suffered through multiple miscarriages. Only weeks before the due date, Madeline is involved in a car accident and loses the baby. Despite the wishes of family and doctors, she insists on carrying the baby to term. The child is born stillborn, but after a few seconds in her mother's arms, she miraculously comes to life. You know where this is going. Beautiful Miracle Baby is totally a zombie that needs blood to survive. And Madeline, a loving and devoted mother, will do anything to keep her daughter healthy. Cue corpses being dragged into the nursery! I realize that Dead Baby Horror isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for me. Though I fear that this movie might put me off childbirth forever. (As if learning the twist in Orphan wasn't bad enough. Now I can't even adopt). So ten years from now when you see me pushing around puppies and kitties in a pram and calling them my children, you'll know the long-term effects of loving horror movies.

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