Wednesday, August 26, 2009

inappropriate imitation

It's inevitable that trends and ideas will be repeated in fashion and beauty. It's an industry that thrives on recycling and reinvention. How many times has a designer sent a look down the runway that references Marie Antoinette or Rosie the Riveter? So it's not surprising (and certainly not offensive) that two beauty companies would find inspiration from the Marchesa Luisa Casati. She's one of the most famous figures in fashion history. John Galliano based an entire Christian Dior colleciton on her. Karl Lagerfeld credited her as muse for his 2010 resort collection. And red carpet favorite Marchesa is named in honor of the lovely Casati. She is also rumored to be the inspiration of so many characters in films and novels that I can't even let myself get distracted by trying to list them all.

Clearly, I have a bit of an appreciation for Casati. So I was delighted to see this new lip gloss created to honor the heiress/muse/legendary hostess. The Napolean Perdis Divine Marchesa Ravishing Rose Lip Shine is part of the artist's The Divine Marchesa Collection, a whole series of products influenced by Casati.

(Sorry for the lame image, but it was the only one I could find.)

However, when I noticed the lovely packaging, I couldn't help but remember these little fellas.

Stila partnered with design house Marchesa (again, named after Casati) in 2008 and released the Backstage Beauty Collection. Look familar? I understand that ideas are going to be re-used, but isn't releasing a make-up collection with the same inspiration and such similar packaging within a year of the previous collection a little tacky? Come on Napolean Perdis. Someone at your company must've noticed the striking similarities. I must say I'm disappointed.


Marina said...

Black Flowers? This reminded me of Anna Sui cosmetics..

a tiny machine said...

yeah, anna sui has been rocking the black flowers for some time. and chanel often uses the black camelia. i just think it's tacky to use such similar packaging AND such similar inspiration so close together.