Monday, October 26, 2009

olsens for pennies

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made quite a respectable name for themselves in the fashion industry. Their high-end line The Row and their more moderately priced collection Elizabeth & James have proven that in additional to still having selling power, the Olsens have an innate sense of style that can be translated into innovative design. Olsenboye, their most recent venture, will be available at JCPenney this February. The prospect of inexpensive clothes from the Olsens is exciting, but so far I'm not too wowed by the promotional images. The hot pink skirt looks promising, but I can't get psyched over a mass market screenprinted tee that say "Love." Hopefully these first images don't do the line justice. Granted, this is a collection for juniors, so I'm not really their teenybopper demographic. But hey, grown up ladies want affordable Olsen clothes too.

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