Friday, October 30, 2009

only five designers left

It's time for a great big slice of humble pie here at a tiny machine, because good lord, le petit connaisseur and my predictions about the final three in this season of Project Runway turned out to be ever so wrong. Last night, Logan was sent home. It was a decision that I agreed with whole-heartedly, but didn't know how to reconcile with my predictions about the finale. If Logan didn't design the first collection, who did? And though I'm sticking to my guns about the third collection being Althea's (seriously, the headband is a dead give-away), I'm starting to wonder about the second collection as well. Could it actually be Christopher's? Or are we possibly looking at an Irina-Carol Hannah-Althea showdown? Only time will tell, as my predictions are apparently not to be trusted.

Another note on last night's episode: What was up with Althea's winning look? I liked the pants and the sweater, but couldn't really look away from the horrible, unflattering, unsupportive tank top. Model Tanisha's rack deserves better than that.


Jahna Peloquin said...

I'm still 100% sure the other collection has to still be Carol Hannah. You can tell her trademark bust/exposed-seam design on the finale gown of the final collection, which she's shown a couple of times already (including last week's LBD). The black collection has to be Irina's - because it can't possibly be Geordana or Christopher. Plus there are knits, and we know after last week's ep that IRINA INVENTED SWEATERS.

Jahna Peloquin said...

Also I'm wondering if this Thursday the producers will make good on the Double Elimination they promised earlier in the season but never delivered? It's being promoted as the last challenge of the season. There are five designers left, and we all know that only three designers showed at Fashion Week (i.e., no dummy collections) - thus, double elimination.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it!!!

The winning look of Althea was not what I considered to be a winning look either.

Even the last "luxe" look of Irina made me wrinkle my nose.

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a tiny machine said...

heh. i totally forgot that irina invented sweaters. god, the judging was such a nightmare this season. nina and michael weren't around nearly enough (nina, of course you didn't know who gordana was as a designer, you've barely seen any of her work!), so with heidi having the most control on the judging panel, the choices seemed super out of whack. i do love heidi as a host, but she seemed especially harsh this season without being particularly constructive. if you're going to critique someone, you need to help them understand exactly how to improve.