Friday, October 23, 2009

project runway spoilers! but not really!

If you don't want to hear any predictions about who makes it to Fashion Week on this season of Project Runway, stop reading now. I don't have any inside information or official spoilers about upcoming eliminations. However, images of the finalists' runway shows were made public last year. At that time I certainly didn't have a point of reference to make predictions, but after religiously watching the episodes, the designers' aesthetics and model choices for their final PR outing make it fairly obvious who made it to the final three. And world, I'm not sure you're going to be happy.

Three collections were shown for this season of Project Runway, unlike in previous seasons, in which four or five collections were shown to throw fans off the scent. Despite a few floor-length gowns, the majority of the looks have a very daily wear feel. Sadly (at least I think so), no one will be having a "Chris March used human hair!" moment this season.

The three models used in the finale show are Tanisha, who has modeled for Althea at least five times, Lisa, who has consistently walked the runway for Carol Hannah (and also took a turn for Althea), and Kojii (although it's a little hard to tell with the hat), who has earned some serious loyalty from Logan. That information combined with what we know of the designer's styles makes an Althea-Carol Hannah-Logan showdown a very likely event.

I'm pretty sure this is Kojii for Logan, but it's the only model and collection I'm not quite sure about. I can't imagine Logan making it to the final three. He's created some decent looks, seems like a nice enough guy, and is definitely fun to look at, but I'm not sure if I understand his aesthetic, and I know the boy can't sew a crotch. If he gets to go to Fashion Week over brilliant eliminated designers such Ra'mon and Epperson, I will have half a mind to write Nina Garcia and Michael Kors a strongly worded letter. That's how we do things in the Midwest.

Lisa's been Carol Hannah's favorite for quite a while, and has modeled successful looks such as the black multi-textured gown created for Christina Aguilera. This collection is the most disjointed of the three, but there are a few pieces that immediately struck me as very Carol Hannah. I definitely don't have a problem with her making it all the way through, as she's been consistently solid this season, with a couple of extremely high notes. Initially, a few of these pieces reminded me of Christopher's work, but I imagine that if he created a runway collection there would be far more dramatic ball gowns.

Tanisha has been with Althea from the beginning, even taking home the top prize for the challenge in which designers created a look with their model as the customer. The collection's color palette and over-sized chunky sweaters scream Althea. And as my friend Jahna (who was my partner in crime for these predictions) pointed out, no one loves a wide headband the way Althea loves a wide headband.

Who knows what will happen? I feel very confident in my predictions, but it wouldn't be the first time I've been wildly wrong about something. One thing I do have a little bit of insider information about is the Project Runway tattoo rumors. Christopher and Ra'mon have definitely gotten matching star cluster tattoos, and since the design includes three stars and Ra'mon has mentioned that three designers got the tattoos, Jezebel recently speculated that Nicolas was the third. Since this information was accompanied by an episode still of Nicolas with the design visible on his hand, I was certain that they were correct, and actually used the information in one of my l'étoile Fashion Trivia questions last night. Christopher, a loyal attendant, actually gasped "Who's the third?" from the crowd when I read the question aloud. Oops. Gave everyone a free point on that one. Later that evening, he informed me that he thinks just he and Ra'mon got the tattoos, but he was the first to admit he may be mistaken about that. He did confirm that another designer was supposed to get the tattoo as well, but wasn't feeling well and cancelled. Hint: She loves mascara. Apparently, quite a few of the participants drew the three stars on one another for good luck during the series, including Christopher, Ra'mon, and Nicolas. I hope they didn't include Irina.

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Chloe said...

Ooh, I need to get caught up! That's what happens when you don't have cable TV- I've gotten so far behind.

Christopher is still in, right? I want to make sure I'm reading that correctly. I love him and his soft-and-shy-Minnesoter accent, I've been rooting for him all along.

a tiny machine said...

yep, he's still in. and he's such a sweetheart. he has been struggling in some of the challenges as of late, but has had some really high moments. made a gorgeous red carpet dress for the first episode that took home the win, and a beautiful period piece dress from the film challenge that almost got him another win.