Saturday, October 18, 2008

hopefully better than heroes

When I first heard of Push, it struck me as an extremely derivative Heroes-lite. But with Heroes continuing its downward spiral into irrelevance, maybe Push can pick up where the flailing television series left off. Starring Chris Evans (thumbs up for Sunshine, thumbs down for Fantastic Four) and the increasingly less creepy Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds, Taken), the film follows a group telekinetic and telepathic ex-pats as they struggle to avoid being captured by a clandestine and appropriately vague government agency. This sci-fi thriller also features former Miu Miu model Camilla Belle and the freakishly good-looking Dijimon Hounsou (who will be playing Caliban in Julie Taymor's upcoming film version of The Tempest!). And 14 year-old Fanning totally has a drunk scene. After her controversial rape scene in Hounddog, the young actress is one step away from shooting up in Requiem for a Dream II: The Middle School Years.

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