Sunday, October 19, 2008

new shoes and antibiotics

This weekend I broke down and made a visit to the doctor for the cough that knew no end. After three prescriptions and two pairs of significantly discounted shoes at Marshalls, I'm feeling more like myself. I've long been on the hunt for a pair of stripper heels that were comfortable and easy to walk in, and I'm happy to report that my search has finally been victorious. I found these Dior knock-off Steve Madden high-heeled platforms for over 50% off. I've never been much of a Steve Madden fan, but these heels are incredibly easy to walk in. Plus, they remind me of the Gwyneth Paltrow Dominatrix Heel Spree of Summer 2008.

And the shiny shiny close up (featuring my unpedicured toes):

I also found these Nine West heels for $15 on the clearance rack. I'd noticed them in a department store about a month ago. Thought they were very "gladiator-lite." The buckle is broken (probably why these $90 shoes were so reduced in price), but that's why I have a shoe guy. If you're in the Minneapolis area, Mr. Lee is skilled, inexpensive, and extremely polite. These shoes are just another excuse to pop into his shop and say hello.

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