Thursday, November 12, 2009


Nicola Formichetti (who is totally one of my idols) has posted a breakdown of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" looks on his blog. A few of my favorites...

Alexander McQueen dress and shoes, Haus of Gaga razor blade sunglasses

"I wanted to design a pair [of sunglasses] for some of the toughest chicks and some of my girlfriends - don't do this at home! - they used to keep razor blades in the side of their mouths… That tough female spirit is something that I want to project. It's meant to be, 'This is my shield, this is my weapon, this is my inner sense of fame, this is my monster.'" -The Gaga

suit and crown by Haus of Gaga

bat headpiece by Shinji Konishi (Can I wear this in my wedding someday instead of a veil?)

Franc Fernandez headpiece and outfit

Agent Provocateur lingerie, Benjamin Cho crystal rosary, Keko Hainswheeler mask

Nasir Mazhar orb

Alexander McQueen dress, leggings and armadillo heels

Benjamin Cho faux polar bear coat, Alexander McQueen dragon heels

Haus of Gaga brassiere, Alexander Mcqueen dragon heels, RP Encore headpiece

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