Wednesday, November 11, 2009

prepare to release your inner goth ballerina

Courtesy of Nitrolicious, we're finally seeing more images of Rodarte's upcoming line with Target. The black lace dress is very holiday Audrey Hepburn (and fits great on the model below), but I'm more excited about the dress on the right (the scan is from Teen Vogue). I love what the Mulleavy sisters do with ballet and fairy-inspired dresses, so I'm pleased to see that they were able to incorporate some of their romance and whimsy into a lower-priced capsule collection. The piece de resistance for me is still the skeleton sequin minidress, but the collection has the potential to have a lot of depth and variety.

Here are some more spoilers from the editor's preview in August. I love the lace tights, the lace-trimmed bralettes, and the leopard print jacket. And the sunglasses are pretty stellar.


Jahna Peloquin said...

I HAVE TO HAVE the sheer nude Rodarte dress. OMG.

a tiny machine said...

we will totally be twinsies!