Saturday, November 14, 2009

let me show you how it works, clanker.

I was super late to hop on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars wagon, but thank the Baby Jesus I got there eventually. I know that the show still suffers from a lot of anti-Episodes I-III sentiment (and, you know, fair enough), but seriously, if the movies had been as good as the animated series, they would've killed critically and commercially. Yeah, I know they did pretty well commercially, but they would've been less of a pop culture novelty and more of a generational touchstone. Perhaps more so than Episodes IV-VI.

I really cannot say enough about the series and the prequel film. I find myself so inspired by these animated characters, and emotionally invested in everyone from Master Yoda to the clones. The show can be devastatingly brutal, and it's a little strange to watch and find yourself mourning the loss of future Storm Troopers.

It doesn't hurt that the show is visually stunning, with great performances from the vocal cast and a beautiful score. Perhaps best of all, the show has a silly and irreverent sense of humor. The evil battle droids are the goofy comic relief, but not so much in a half-baked and moderately offensive Jar Jar Binks kind of way. Their banter and silly one-liners pepper beautifully violent battle scenes with some necessary levity that reminds you that, hey, two Republic ships full of 20,000 clone soldiers were just destroyed, but this is still a cartoon and it's meant to be fun.

Roger, roger.

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