Saturday, February 21, 2009

frazzled and a little sleepy

Ugh. Sorry about the lack of posts this week. It ended up being a crazy couple of days with major changes at the day job (let me tell you, working in finance and retirement planning is a BLAST in this economy), drama with my car (I had some automotive excitement this winter and though my car's been fixed for ages, the engine was under warranty and now two dealerships are arguing about who's financially responsible for the labor), helping my manfriend move, a handful of social engagements, and I'm still fighting off the disease that wouldn't die (thank goodness I have another week's supply of antibiotics). Tonight I'm off to a friend's going away party at the CC Club (don't move to Brooklyn, Kathryn!), and then a photo shoot at midnight. Cause that's how my wacky life seems to roll.

In the meantime, JagerCon has been getting a lot of press, and in the interest of self-promotion, I thought I'd share some of it here:
City Pages
Where the Long Tail Ends

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