Wednesday, February 4, 2009

it has to be said

Soooooooo...this is going to be awkward. I feel awful for even thinking this to myself, and especially about sharing it with you, my four faithful readers. All right. Deep breaths. Here we go. Did anyone else think that Christian Dior Spring 2009 Couture kind of...sucked?

Okay, I don't mean that. "Sucked" is a strong, ugly word. And Galliano is my fancy gay pirate boyfriend (see above). I love him with the fire of a thousand fancy gay pirate suns. And the clothes were (as always) beautiful. The construction, the details, the combination of the style of Flemish painters along with Dior's original vision of the New Look. Super pretty. I just feel like I've seen this show from Dior before. And by before, I mean almost every couture show in a row for ten straight seasons.

Every year, Galliano sends rainbow visions of pastels down the runway (usually peppered with a couple of mustards, darks, and brights, this year featuring a blood red finale dress). Giant skirts. Dramatic waistlines. Structured sleeves. And fairly consistent make-up and styling. It's gorgeous, but so predictable. Initally, I gushed over this season's images, but I quickly overdosed on the sugary sameness of it all. After a few click-throughs, I felt like I'd eaten an entire pillowcase of Halloween candy. Yeah, I love candy, but after a sweetness overload, I just need to taste something different. Anything different.

Creating couture during these economic times is definitely a difficult task, but certainly not an impossible one. Karl Lagerfeld managed to create a collection that was innovative, modern and relevant, but Galliano's collection seemed completely out of touch. And again, it was just too much of the same.

Okay, one thing was different about this season's offerings: When I first glanced at the opening shots, I thought the models were wearing koulats. Fortunately, they were just giant sculpted skirts with two fake koulat swirls in the front. Whew! That was close. But at least it took me by surprise.

Still, really pretty.


Marie said...

I just got done looking at the Christian Dior Collection today while doing a bit of critiquing of the Haute Couture fashion collections. Strange coincidence you should mention it (or is it?). I actually like Galliano's collection. It was different from all the other designers. All the other designers had that "recession" look, he didn't (good or bad?). I have never really looked at his previous collections, so I can't agree or disagree with you on that.

When I saw the Christian Dior Collection I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be great to wear one of those dresses?" Then the rude reality hit me and I realized it would be impossible to wear such a dress and try to climb in my truck. Half of the dress would get shut in the door. :P

BTW Speaking of fashion, what do you think of Victoria Beckhams Collection? I personally LOVE it (but hey, I was a big Spice Girl fan in the past)!!! She has a real cute video on her site for her collection. *has the little tune stuck in her head*

a tiny machine said...

haven't seen much of victoria beckham's collection yet, but i like what i've seen. think she was very influenced by roland mouret.

i love galliano and will always appreciate his shows, but every year i know what to expect, i wish he'd just shock me with something strange and exciting and new. he has so much to offer. i can't believe that he's already tapped out. there's lots of craziness going on his pirate brain. i wish he'd just put it on the runway.