Saturday, February 14, 2009

you and i are going to live forever

Things got a little ridiculous at last night's opening of Elizabeth Peyton's retrospective Live Forever. We did enjoy plenty of Infinitinis (the night's specialty cocktail), but how many of us actually made it over to the gallery to check out the art? I'm going to go with 10%.

The Walker After Hours is now providing props for its photo wall. Sunglasses, wigs, scarves. That's why I'm channeling Lady GaGa here.

With my Fashion Mixtape guest blogger Kate Duffy (both wearing Target). We refer to this photograph as "Our Inevitable Decline (Or Rise) To Ab Fab."


♥ Chloe said...

Wait. You're both wearing Target?!

Shut the heck up!

a tiny machine said...

you'd better believe it. kate's wearing one of the thakoon skirts and i'm wearing a dress that i got on clearance from the last target private collection (not the one that just came out). three people asked me if it was vintage. i wanted to let them believe it was, but minneapolis is a target town, so i fessed up.