Thursday, March 12, 2009

like, wow

Big news for Doctor Who fans! Sort of! As one would imagine, rumors are swirling about who will play the Doctor's assistant in the next season of the series (former Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan is only appearing in the upcoming special). My favorite bit of speculation is that one Hannah Murray is being considered for the role.

Murray was amazing as Cassie on the British series Skins (another Kate D. recommendation). If you don't live in the UK, you most likely haven't heard of this show (although it features Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel and the sexy grown up version of the child actor from About a Boy). Cassie is an incredibly complex and fascinating character, and her struggle with anorexia is the most realistic depiction of an eating disorder I've ever seen on television or film. Murray's performance as Cassie is dippy, daffy, and heartbreaking (she also says "wow" more than any other character EVER). Plus, her wardrobe ruled.

Cassie reclining on a trampoline (with Sid!) before being rushed to the hospital for an overdose. Of course, Cassie paired her glittery cocktail dress with a flower in her hair and a tuxedo coat with tails.

Imagining signs all around her telling her to eat. Plus, a necklace strung with toys!

Hanging out in another gold cocktail dress and big curly hair.

Lounging about after being checked back into her psychiatric facility. In a sun hat of course.

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