Sunday, March 1, 2009

the clothes are questionable. cute video though.

According to Target's website, Alexander McQueen's capsule collection isn't supposed to be released until March 4. But as often happens, at least in the Targetland of Minneapolis, items are already popping up in stores. I haven't checked the line out in person yet, though I liked a number of the preview shots (I was particularly coveting the black sleeveless shirtdress and the leather motorcycle vest). However, guest blogger Kate just called me from Target in a panic, making claims that the entire line is incredibly disappointing, with poor fabric, sloppy seams, and garish colors. I believe her exact description of the collection was, "It's like Forever 21 and Hot Topic had a baby in a gay pirate bar. With a lot of mesh." I can't make an official judgment until I see the collection myself, but kids, it's not sounding good. At least we have this adorable video advertising the collection with cult classic Blythe dolls. See more shots over at le petit connoisseur de la mode.

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