Sunday, March 1, 2009

when it's cold and dark, there's a lot of time for sketching.

I am a serious sucker for Scandinavian design. Just show me an image of a product with either "Swedish" or "Dutch" in the description, and I will give you my check card number. Here are a few of my favorite purchases, as well as my most recent obsession.

I ordered this Design House Stockholm Carrie Bike Basket by Marie Louise Gustafsson in white...before I even owned a bike. Perhaps not my best laid plan, but I have no regrets. Unfortunately, the bike that I purchased is kind of a death trap (and that's a generous description), but it serves its main purpose. Which is really just to exist so that I have something to attach this cute little basket to.

I first saw this adorable Dish Bunny by Dutch designer Chris Koens on Kingdom of Style ages ago. I finally got around to purchasing it, and let me tell you, my drying dishes have never looked cuter.

I stocked up on these snowflake glasses (along with far too many mugs) when Dutch designer Tord Boontje released his limited-edition collection for Target. So desperately hoping that he and Target will collaborate again.

And I've wanted one of Mr. Boontje's Garland Lights for, I don't know, six years now? One of these days I'll finally get around to making that purchase.

And now I'm seriously craving the inflatable Cloud Umbrella by Dutch designer Joonsoo Kim (which my manfriend found on io9 of all places).

It's inflatable, so in its broken down state it's pretty tiny. Perfect to toss into your purse on a rainy afternoon.


♥ Chloe said...


My twin sister hoarded an embarrassing amount of the Tord Boontje Target collection when it came out. He does do neat stuff, though. Both her and I are both a bit obsessed with Scandinavian design (being that we're part Norwegian and from the land of "Uff das") and we're looking to get some of Mr. Boontje's flowers tattooed on our wrists this summer, finally.

You know, matching tattoos 'cuz we're twins and aww cue the total dorky stereotype. She's already full of tattoos (a few including Tord Boontje's work) and I have none, so why the heck not.

[/end ramble.]

Noelesque said...

I totally saw your laser-cut basket... sitting by it's lonesome in a dingy basement. Not to worry though, I'll bring your blue beauty back to life very soon!