Monday, January 26, 2009

behold the reign of the one-shoulder gown

Oh, SAG fashion. Not as boring as this year's Golden Globes fashion, but still, a little boring. Seriously, how many one-shoulder gowns can show up on the red carpet in one day? I know that Michelle Obama's inaugurational dress was beyond awesome, but that doesn't mean we all need to step out tomorrow in the exact same cut. Let's try and have a bit more variety, shall we? And since everyone in Hollywood seems to use the same five stylists, perhaps a little more communication between the stylists before the event?

January Jones was one of my favorites at the Golden Globes (though I wish she'd worn the belt that was shown on that dress on the Versace runway), and she was my absolute favorite last night. The embellishments on her Andrew Gn gown are gorgeous, and I love that she wore a black gown that wasn't in any way basic or boring. I just wish she'd worn her hair up. I think that a dramatic, voluminous upsweep would have been very Cleopatra-esque, and shown off the details on her dress even more.

Anne Hathaway's Azzaro gown is kind of the reverse of January Jones' gown. I love the column shape and the gathering on the bodice. The draping of this gown isn't the most forgiving (no matter how in shape you are), so I'm going to go ahead and use this dress as a celebrity endorsement for proper foundation garments. Namely Spanx. Hopefully Beyoncé will get the message.

I'll admit that the David Meister gown that Viola Davis wore wasn't my favorite--there's nothing wrong with it, the one shoulder-dresses are just starting to blur together-- but I had to include her because her styling was amazing. Her hair and makeup were flawless (even in the tight close-ups), the butter hue of her dress looked phenomenal against her skin, and she had such a radiant smile in all of her photographs. It's amazing how much a genuine smile makes people stand out on the red carpet. The Renée Zellweger pinch and the Olsen twin duck lips just don't do it for me.

Freida Pinto looks amazing in this Marchesa gown. I don't find the cut or the style particularly exciting, but the color. Wow. Freida wore an amazing mustard shade at the Golden Globes, so I'm curious to see what color she'll settle on for the Academy Awards.

Evan Rachel Wood: still embracing the pale and gradually moving away from SWFing Dita von Teese. These are good things. I'm usually not a big Monique Lhuillier fan, but I love this deep navy gown. I've tried to explain to a few friends how for me to truly love a navy, it has to contain a little bit of green. And I never have a handy reference. Now I do. This is exactly what I was talking about. It's also the only one-shoulder gown of the evening that I truly loved.

Katie Holmes looked classic and sophisticated in this Jil Sander sheath (the cutouts were modified, so it's a little different from the runway version). It's far more casual than the other offerings, but I don't think that she actually walked the red carpet. She presented the Outstanding Actor Award to Sean Penn. Which leads me to my next question: Why was Katie Holmes presenting the Outstanding Actor SAG Award? If it's just because she looks great in Roland Mouret dresses, then I demand that Posh gets to present an award next year.

It seems that I'm as bored of Angelina, as Angelina is of trying. She wore this (already kind of boring) Max Azria dress backwards. I guess the plunging neckline was too risqué for our Angie. I miss pre-Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie. Remember the vial of blood? The controversial sibling kiss? Those extra ten pounds? Pre-Brad Pitt Angelina would kick Current Angelina's ass, hold a knife up to her throat, and then make out with her. That's how I like my movie stars. With a great big side of crazy.


♥ Chloe said...

What's wrong with Angelina? Is she pregnant again? I hate that sort of gossip (she's wearing a sack to the award show, not something tight fitting, a sack and not tight fitting = pregnant) but I don't get it. Why would anyone step out and think they looked good in that? Same with her pick for the Emmy's. Did not want.

I liked what Katie Holmes was rocking, for once. Love love love January Jones. Rumor has it she's from my home town of Sioux Falls, SD?

a tiny machine said...

i know. remember when angelina wore that kickass white the oscars, i think? and when she dated jenny shimizu? and was married to sick boy? times have changed.

Katharine said...

As much as I love Angelina's crazy days, I'm kinda glad I don't have to see her and Billy Bob suck face on the red carpet anymore. Maddox, I think we have you to owe for this pleasure, so THANKS!

Anonymous said...

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