Thursday, January 15, 2009

i have a target problem

I've been eyeing this Hayden-Harnett Double-Flap Bag since long before the collection was released. Now that's it out, I find myself tempting fate and assuring myself that I'll be able to grab one once they go on sale. Why buy it now for $29.99 when it's possible that I'll be able to find it for 30% off? Hope this doesn't end in tears.

Go International's fifth in-house designed Private Collection hits stores February 1. There are some smart prints in this collection (perhaps the lingering effects of one Thakoon Panichgul), and I'm especially coveting this mini-skirt. I'm also pretty sure that this model is coming on to me. I know those eyes. Those are "I'm four drinks into the night and you're looking pretty fiiine" eyes. It's actually making me a little uncomfortable.

Yippee! The Orla Kiely Housewares collection launches the first week of February. I don't really cook, or bake, or do anything domestic, but I love me some cute juice glasses and serving trays. Maybe if I buy a fun apron and matching oven mitts, I'll be inspired to actually try out some recipes from all of my Nigella Lawson cookbooks. As of now, I really just own them for the pretty pictures.

Much like I'm trying to do with Hayden-Harnett, I held out on the Dean Harris Collection, hoping I could grab one of the smoky quartz pieces on clearance. Sadly, I missed my window for the necklace I had in mind, but I did nab the Clear Quartz Pebble Pendant Necklace for 30% off.

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♥ Chloe said...

I was bummed the Thakoon dress sold out so quickly- you know, "THE DRESS". I wanted it, but it was gone within seconds. Boo.

I was about to post my review on the Hayden Harnett bag, with pics- hopefully tonight or tomorrow!