Thursday, January 22, 2009

i buckled

Or perhaps I should say, I snapped. Ha, see what I did there? Because the hardware is a snap, not a buckle? Sorry. Anyway, after Chloe mentioned that the Hayden-Harnett bag in the color I wanted was out of stock online, I got more than a little nervous. So on a recent Target run, when I saw a last single Double Flap Bag in brown hanging precariously from a display rack, I panicked. I grabbed that sucker, clutched it to my chest, and ran for the register as fast as my slushy slippery Vans could carry me. And now it's safely tucked away on a shelf in my bedroom, where neither my pet cats nor my pet rats can get to it. Sadly, I cannot say the same for my favorite Miu Miu dress, which Bunnicula and Forest Whitaker (the aforementioned rats) totally ate. Sometimes I use its tattered remains to wipe away the tears. Sniffle.

So a big thank you to Chloe for the heads up, as well as for mentioning Inauguration Beyonce's distracting lack of appropriate foundation garments. When I first saw the video and photographs, I was like, I can see nipple, right? I'm not being crazy, am I? Am I only seeing nipple because I'm looking for nipple? Maybe just incredibly unfortunate shadows?

Seriously, dude. Nipple.

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♥ Chloe said...

Totally nipple. And no problem! It's a cute cheap bag, huh. I find myself gravitating towards it more lately than my Chloe bag, eep.