Thursday, June 19, 2008

bsg: for the obsessed

spoilers included

We have a lot to mull over. Four of the Final Five have revealed themselves to the humans. One jumped ship and returned to her cylon brothers and sisters. The others have been granted amnesty and remain among the humans. D'Anna has returned with a vengeance. Tigh and Caprica Six are going to be parents. The president and the admiral finally acknowledged their sweet, sweet love. And, along with a cylon faction, the human race finally made it to Earth, which has been bombed to a crispy black crust. All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

The Final Cylon:
For quite some time, I've had my money on either Dualla or Gaeta as the final cylon. I used to lean more towards Dualla (I liked the Kara/Anders Lee/Dualla bookends), but since she's barely been in this season and Gaeta's gone through some serious trauma, I think the latter is a more likely candidate. While imprisoned in the brig, Caprica Six told President Roslin that the Final Five were close, that she could feel them. Since we already know the identities of four of the five, who were living as sleepers within the fleet, it seems only logical that the fifth is in the fleet as well. However, D'Anna is the only person, human or cylon, who has seen the faces of the Final Five, and according to her, only four are within the fleet. I had a theory way back when that I dismissed as being too much of a stretch. We've all been wondering who/what Starbuck is. There are some who still think she's a cylon, but I've never bought into that argument. After her return, I suspected that she was either a clone (and the original Starbuck was dead) or some sort of Angel of Death. "You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace." We know that her crazy religious and extremely abusive mother was grooming her for some sort of special destiny. What if Socrata Thrace is the final cylon, making Kara Thrace the first hybrid child? When this idea first popped into my head, I was a little stumped with the age issue, but now that Saul Tigh has been revealed as a cylon, I can throw that rationale for doubt out the window. The question is, if the final cylon is not with the cylons nor in the human fleet, where is she/he?

"All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again." Earth, the Thirteenth Colony and mankind's last glimmer of hope, lies in barren devastation. As if the visuals weren't obvious enough, it's clear from the radiation levels on the geiger counter that the planet has experienced some kind of nuclear fallout. Is it possible that the experience of the Twelve Colonies was an echo of what had already occurred on Earth? Is this what the scriptures have been alluding to all this time?

Other questions:
  • At the end of the mini-series, Commander Adama finds a scrap of paper in his quarters that claims there are twelve cylon models. Who left him this information?
  • The cylons were supposedly unable to reproduce on their own (thus, the Sharon and Helo matchmaking). So how do we explain the Caprica Six pregnancy?
  • WTF is going on with Boomer?
  • What exactly are the Six and the Gaius in Gaius' mind?
  • Is Tyrol ever going to find out how Cally really died?
  • Where are the ones, fours and fives?
  • Is Earth empty, or are there survivors?

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I love that I get to hear these speculations and thoughts from the horse's mouth. It makes me feel semi-famous.