Wednesday, June 18, 2008

everybody drink!

The great depression that is Battlestar Galactica has had me reaching for a bottle of wine on more than one occasion. It's been so painful, in fact, that I've barely been able to write about it here. However, after the mid-season finale, we have a long time (until the first quarter of 2009) to dissect the first half of season four. Now is the time to cue up your DVR, Tivo and Torrents, and get to obsessively re-watching. This process presents a certain conundrum. The point of re-watching episodes is to pick up on things you missed the first time around. Subtle looks that can betray a character's true motives. Lines of dialogue that take on a double meaning. So you want your senses to be sharp. But, as I mentioned before, this show is about as dark as it gets and I don't recommend sitting through it without a six-pack at arm's length. So, I present...

The Re-Watching of the First Half of Season Four of Battlestar Galactica Drinking Game!!! minor spoilers included

Take a drink whenever:
  • Someone gets airlocked
  • Someone gets shot
  • Someone has a mental breakdown
  • Someone cries
  • Someone gets blown up
  • A dead character appears in a vision/hallucination
  • A Final Fiver looks shifty
  • Dualla's not in a scene (Kidding. That would send you to the hospital.)
Take a shot whenever:
  • Gaius has sex
  • Gaius gets beat up
  • Gaeta loses a limb
  • Gaeta sings a song
  • A cat dies
  • D'Anna says something funny (She's very sarcastic for a killer robot.)
  • Tigh drinks (This one could be the end of us all.)
As for the final Cylon, my money's been on Dualla or Gaeta for years. But after something D'Anna said, I'm reverting back to one of my whackjob theories that I dismissed as too absolutely ridiculous. I'll share it here soon enough. Happy drinking.

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