Friday, June 20, 2008

happy go luckeeee!!!

Remember when Heroes was good? With the first season's intertwining stories, interesting characters, and plot twists and payoffs, I was hooked. Then the second season began and everything fell apart. The same villain hung around, but this time being absolutely uninteresting. Too many new characters were introduced (a couple of whom were beyond annoying), keeping audiences from becoming invested in the story lines. Not even the additions of Julian Sark and Veronica Mars could save season two. Spoilers have started leaking out for season three, and sadly I just couldn't care less. It's going to take some pretty fantastic word of mouth to convince me to give this show another chance.

One of the bigger disappointments in season two was Hiro. A refreshing and endearing character in the first season, by the second season he was suffocating in his own shtick. In an overlong, ancient Japanese adventure, he managed to make even samurais seem dull and annoying.

So in honor of season one Hiro, I bring you Yatta!

Watch their live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which features priceless translation.

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