Sunday, June 15, 2008

romanovs, maharajas and bike-chic, oh my!

Miuccia Prada is a woman of many talents, but my favorite thing about her is her ability to integrate. She can take several completely unrelated concepts, find their elusive common threads, and combine them seamlessly. She is truly a visual storyteller, and her 2009 Resort Collection is a perfect example of this rare talent.

Prada toyed with elements of traditional athletic wear, making bike shorts and windbreaker nylon evening appropriate.

Two of my favorite people are getting married in India this winter. If I'm able to go, I'll probably subscribe to the traditional notion of pink being India's navy blue. However, I'd love to wear something like this.

I love this combination as well, but I think Kelly and Sahil would be a little confused if I attended their nuptials in a bikini top.

This cocktail dress is infinitely wearable. I'd lose the heavy jewelry and the belt and dress it down with black tights and a beat up fedora for an opening at the Walker Art Center.

These two dresses immediately made me think of the Romanov family. Some morbid trivia: When lined up in front of a firing squad, it took an outrageously long time to execute the Romanov women, as they'd tried to hide their family jewels by sewing them into their corsets, creating rudimentary bullet-proof vests.

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Anne said...

Love the prada!! I can't quite get behind the new tapered pants, but love the glamorous prada looks.