Saturday, June 21, 2008

i feel a change in the air

Fashion seasons are a funny thing. It's the second day of summer, yet I'm salivating over the ad campaigns for fall. Right on the heels of the all-black issue of Vogue Italia, Naomi Campbell is featured in the new campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. A long-time supporter of models of color, I am thrilled to see the values of the late Mr. Saint Laurent continue to be honored by his fashion house. As far as the actual photos go, come on. She's Naomi Campbell. She'd look gorgeous in Mary Kate and Ashley pajamas from Wal-Mart, so it's a real treat to see her working the disco pants and posing for two of my favorite fashion photographers, Inez and Vinoodh.

Linda Evangelista graces the fall Prada campaign, replacing long-time Prada muse and Russian nymphette Sasha Pivovarova. With so many young, interchangable girls popping up on the runway each season, it's refreshing to see a 40+ supermodel starring in such a major campaign. Granted, it's not like Evangelista is an everywoman. She's freakishly gorgeous and admittedly no stranger to the Botox needle. Nevertheless, it feels like a tiny victory for any woman over 23.

In other news, Bee Shaffer and her gorgeous Nina Ricci gown were passed up for inclusion in Vogue's coverage of the Costume Institute Gala. Wherefore the nepotism, Anna?

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