Sunday, May 11, 2008

doctor evil?

I'm not exactly sure how I missed this, but my favorite Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, is playing the villain in the upcoming film version of G.I. Joe. It sounds like his character, Destro, is an evil arms dealer running Cobra. Although I watched the cartoons as a kid, all I can really remember is thinking that Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes were totally rad, so I'm unsure of what to expect from this character. I'm happy to take all the Eccleston I can get, but whenever I see him, I expect him to grin and yell, "Fantastic!" I know he's a respected dramatic actor who doesn't deserve to have one season of television define his career, but I'll always think of him as the Doctor.

Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes Being Totally Rad


Captain Hero! said...
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Captain Hero! said...

Best. Doctor. Ever. Period.