Sunday, May 11, 2008

technicolor talons

Another limited-edition collection to covet. Chanel is releasing their Robertson Boulevard Nail Color Collection in July on (although it will be available to those who live within the vicinity of the Los Angeles Robertson Boulevard Chanel boutique on May 30). Clearly Peter Philips, Chanel's new Global Creative Director, isn't afraid to shake things up. These aren't the classic Chanel colors we're used to seeing, and it's refreshing to see a refined beauty brand playing with such outrageous shades. LA Sunrise reminds me of Hard Candy Taxi Cab, a primary yellow polish I wore religiously in high school. Rodeo Drive, a bright purple, is a dead ringer for Gonzo Grape Bubblicious bubblegum. And I'd love to try an over-the-top french manicure with hot pink Melrose as the base shade, and LA Sunset, a vibrant orange, on the tips.

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