Saturday, May 10, 2008

fashion superheroes part I

This Costume Institute gala coverage is a little late to the party, but I had to gush over this year's Superheroes theme and the attendees who celebrated it. To everyone's disappointment, co-host George Clooney favored classic Armani over his rubber Batsuit (you know, the one with the nipples). Co-host Julia Roberts looked radiantly radioactive in Armani Privé (I'm really stretching for a nod to the theme with that one), while co-host Giorgio Armani looked oranger than usual, an apparent homage to The Thing.

My favorite look of the night was Speed Racer's Christina Ricci in Givenchy Haute Couture and Bulgari jewels. That bodice is incredibly fetching and I'm obsessed with the colors. Too bad she left the party early when she learned that co-host Anna Wintour failed to seat her with her boyfriend.

Anna Wintour's gotten a lot of flak for this Chanel Haute Couture gown, but I was delighted to see her embrace the theme of the night with such unapologetic zeal. She was inspired by X-Men's Storm and told the NYTimes that she chose that particular character because, "I control the weather." Mollusk resemblance aside, I'm smitten.

I usually defend Mary-Kate's style, but it's quite an accomplishment to take bright, metallic gold and make it appear so dead and boring. Ashley, however, wow. Diane von Furstenberg isn't my favorite, but this gown is a stunner. She looks like Catwoman...or one of Catwoman's victims. Either way, the cutouts transform this simple gown into something daring. I want. And Christian Louboutin made an adorable nod to the theme by accessorizing his Tom Ford tux with some classic Batman onomatopoeia. Makes me wish Adam West had been invited.

Le sigh. I am so jealous of anyone with the luxury to attend galas at the Met wearing Christian Lacroix (a fashion superhero in his own right). Far too few are willing to take the risk of walking down the red carpet in his designs. I didn't foresee myself posting about the Murdochs of all people, but there she is, Wendi Murdoch (with Rupert), a vision in ruffles.

And lastly (for now), I had to post this picture of Lou Doillon with Consuelo Castiglioni, both in Marni. Not because this ensemble is anything particularly spectacular (it's pretty standard Doillon fare and barely even acknowledges the theme of the night), but because if given the money and the opportunity, this is what I would wear to a Met gala. Probably topped off with an ill-advised hat.

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