Thursday, May 15, 2008

woman on top

Last night, the gorgeous Whitney Thompson became the first plus-sized competitor to win America's Next Top Model. I use the term "plus-sized" loosely, as Whitney's a size 10, and traditionally plus sizes don't begin until size 14. Nonetheless, it's lovely to see a young lady with curves rewarded in an industry that encourages grown women to starve themselves to pre-adolescent proportions. Four Four posted an interesting rumor that pegs Whitney as a plant, and considering some of the past winners (ahem, Saleisha), I wouldn't be surprised. I don't think anyone thinks of ANTM as being totally on the level. Still, no matter how Whitney's victory transpired, her win is a reminder that beauty does not conform to one unattainable standard.

I was rooting for Anya Kop, mostly because she reminds me of Luna Lovegood (bleach blonde hair, sweet and spacey demeanor). Although the Russian-born beauty from Hawaii has one of the most bizarre accents I've ever heard, she consistently won challenges and produced amazing photographs. She may have stumbled in the finale, but I wouldn't be surprised if Anya has the most successful post-ANTM career of anyone in this cycle.
images: The CW


Anne said...

Totally agree...although it is still hard for me to believe she is only a 10, and it scares me to think how much bigger she looked than all of the rest of those girls. Makes me want to yell, eat a sandwich!

WhitneyThompsonPraiser said...

Well Whitney is AMAZING! I am so happy Whitney won! Like she said I totally look up to her and I will apply for America's Next Top Model whenever I am old enough. Thank you Whitney for all you have done! You are my true hero!