Monday, May 19, 2008


It's not something I usually broadcast, but I try to make it as long as I can between shampoos. Washing and blow drying on a daily basis can dry out and damage even the healthiest head of hair, so it pays to give your mane a day or two off whenever you can. Plus, if I only wash my hair every couple of days, my jumbo bottle of Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo lasts forever.

Dry shampoos counteract oiliness, add volume at the roots, and prolong the life of a blowout. There are a ton on the market, and most of them fall short in one way or another. Some are messy, others are smelly, and most leave hair with a flat, whitish cast.

I've also found many dry shampoos to be criminally overpriced. I cannot in good conscience spend $18+ on a product that is glorified scented talcum powder (Oscar Blandi's Pronto Dry Shampoo springs to mind) . Which brings me to my secret weapon. Psssssst has been around since the '70s and can be found in drugstores. I've never seen it for more than $5.99, and I've found it marked down to about $3 on several occasions.

Psssssst absorbs oil while leaving far less white residue than its overpriced competitors. While other dry spray shampoos can coat your bathroom with residual powder, Psssssst delivers a controlled dose to the roots. The directions are simple, but be sure to follow them closely for best results. Although I catch a whiff of Static Guard every time I spray this, the scent is short-lived. My only real complaint is that the can runs out too quickly. But a little of this product goes a long way, so if you use it sparingly, you're sure to get your money's worth.

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