Saturday, May 10, 2008

prada ex machina

Although Miuccia Prada is a controversial figure (the 10 or so years of whitewashing the Prada and MiuMiu runways come to mind), she is still one of my favorite pioneers of fashion. The woman has a PhD in political science and a Carsten Höller-designed transparent slide connecting her office to the parking garage. How can you not be a little obsessed with her?

Always pushing the envelope and experimenting with new technologies, stepping forward into the world of digital fashion design was a natural progression for Prada. A fan of the original Appleseed movie (based on the manga by Masamune Shirow), she designed two looks for the lead character, Deunan Knute, for the sequel, Appleseed Ex Machina. To see more of Prada's contribution to the film, check out the Ex Machina video in the archives of their website. Better yet, Appleseed Ex Machina arrived on DVD this spring and the two-disc special edition is loaded with extra features.

Prada has also infused their marketing with animation by developing two short films to highlight their S/S '08 collection, Trembled Blossoms and its spinoff, Butterfly Sunglasses. I challenge all of those who scoffed at the flower-stemmed high heels to watch Trembled Blossoms and not fall a little bit in love. After all, so much of fashion is context.

Trembled Blossoms with music by CocoRosie

Butterfly Sunglasses with music by Pan Sonic

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