Friday, September 4, 2009

beachwear, except totally not

Project Runway brought the drama and the tension last night, and as a result I still kind of feel like I might throw up. Viewers at Hell's Kitchen were on the edge of their seats as the future of local treasure Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman hung in the balance. Although it was a team challenge and he wasn't the captain, designing and construction duties fell on Ra'mon's shoulders, while team captain Mitchell spent his time in the sewing room...well, I'm not sure what he was doing. But he was not sewing. When the challenge twist was to create a second look, Ra'mon took the lead on both, creating a hand-dyed avant garde chartreuse neoprene minidress (pictured above) and gorgeous flowing beach dress in colors evocative of the ocean (pictured below).

Ra'mon took home a well-deserved win, while his partner, for the first time in Project Runway history, was eliminated despite being on the winning team. Hometown boy Christopher Straub didn't get too much screentime this time around, though he created some gorgeous and interesting pieces that guaranteed his safety. Hopefully, both boys will keep up their momentum next week!

Lessons learned so far on this season of Project Runway:
Don't design anything that draws comparison to a bowling
Do choose unexpected colors and edgy fabrics.
Don't team up with Mitchell.

Honorable mentions from last night's episode:

I loved Louise and Althea's avant garde gown. Very Balmain meets Stephanie Seymour in the Guns n Roses "November Rain" video.

The macrame work in Irina and Johnny's design was a fun extra detail, though it did kind of remind me of the potholders you make for your parents in kindergarten.

Louise and Althea's other design was something I'd actually wear to the beach.

Gordana and Nicholas received low scores for their poorly constructed wide leg pants and their off-the-mark avant garde look, but I LOVED the hand-dyed macrame bathing suit that they created together.

Be sure to join Kate and me next week at Hell's Kitchen for Fashion Trivia, Project Runway, and fabulous prizes! Sponsored by l'étole magazine and Metro Magazine.

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