Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i need a nap

MNfashion week came to a close this weekend after having one of its most successful and engaging weeks to date. Like many others, I am completely exhausted, and am fantasizing about spending this evening wrapped up in a blanket, drinking tea, and preparing myself for the cold months ahead. But alas, tonight is Jagercon, and my nerdly duties come first. However, before I doze off in a bar while watching Brazil projected on a wall, thus drifting on a fitful sleep on creepy pig masks, let's reflect on the last couple of days, shall we?

This season's fashion week kicked off with Envision, a runway show at Ignite Studios. A few trunk shows and mixers later, and it was time for Charmed Life, the major designer boutique event sponsored by l'étoile magazine and Metro Magazine. The night was a great success, and I made off with some beautiful locally designed jewelry and even more local pieces added to my mental wish list.

On Thursday night, my l'étoile partner-in-crime and I hosted our weekly Fashion Trivia and Project Runway screening at Hell's Kitchen. Contestant Christopher Straub attended, earning lots of hoots and applause for his stellar performance in the episode. Sadly, we lost one of our own. The beloved Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman was sent packing, a sad departure that sparked tears in more than a couple audience members and friends of the designer. True, his science fiction cocktail dress was a hot green mess, but remember what he created for last week's newspaper challenge?

(Ra'mon's newsprint two-piece look)

This design went almost unacknowledged by the judges, but I thought it was one of the top looks of the season to date. The skirt and top were completely wearable together and on their own, a major coup when working with an unconventional material like newsprint. Factor in his amazing challenge victory and strong performance from the very first episode, and it seemed like he's be sticking around all season. But alas, Ramon's prior successes weren't enough to save him from his science fiction look. Happily, our own Christopher thrived in the costume design challenge, creating one of the episode's top looks and, in my admittedly biased opinion, should have taken home the top spot. Seriously, if Michael Kors isn't going to be around at all this season, I demand audience votes be taken into account!

Friday night was a bit more cheerful at the Eat Street Style event hosted at Head to Toe. Our lovely friends at Blacklist Vintage styled some fantastic looks that had audience members ready to open their wallets.

On Saturday, Northeast boutique I Like You! was packed for their trunk show including accessories by local designers Ruby3, Liebling Designs, and Third Willow. I took home a romantic Ruby3 fascinator and a few cards that I'd seen online ages ago but had sold out. That night I headed over to SCENEaSOTA to check out the runway show featuring a few local designers, including my pal Emma Berg. The show was extremely well-produced and featured some great pieces, though there were definitely some construction issues and confusing fabric choices on the runway. I particularly appreciated the tailoring and aesthetic of Carmichael Claith's Sherlock Holmes-inspired collection.

(a prim look from Carmichael Claith at SCENEaSOTA)

Emma's Dolls-inspired collection was spot-on with its intricate construction, creative draping, and avant garde shapes. The restrained palette of black, white, gray and red helped take the collection from avant garde to something accessable and wearable. A stand-out brocade dress with draped butterfly sleeves was an audience favorite, as well as this ladylike red cocktail dress.

Afterwards, we walked over to Clubhouse Jager (site of l'étoile Tuesday night Jagercon events) to catch the reunion show of Astronaut Wife. The next stop of the evening was the Scenesota after-party, featuring our friend Juleana Enwright in the DJ booth. Sadly, too many ill-advised Jager shots at Jagerfest and this little piggy went zzz zzz zzz in the cab all the way home. Sorry friends.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this amazing week of events. With trunk shows, cut-a-thons, runway presentations, cocktail parties, clothing swaps, meet and greets, mixers, and minglers, there was truly something everyone could enjoy. Check out l'étoile magazine and le petit connaisseur de la mode for more recaps!

photos by Stephen Stephens for Digital Crush

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Chloe said...

Ooh, I'm a few episodes behind in PR. I love Ra'mon's newspaper dress and I'm sad to hear he was voted off! I'm definitely rooting for Chris, though- he seems like such a kind, gentle soul. And he's from Minnesoter! Can't beat that.