Thursday, September 17, 2009

this is not what i looked like at my prom

Jennifer's Body finally comes out tomorrow, and though I'm not going to hit opening day (my friend's 30th birthday trumps all!), I definitely plan to work the movie into my weekend. Reviews have been mixed, and quite a few have been scathing, but I trust Jezebel. They've assembled 6 Reasons to Love Jennifer's Body, and in addition to being completely relatable to anyone who's had a toxic friendship, bad news haters, it seems Megan Fox can act. I was intigued by Fox when I heard that Diablo Cody had penned the film with her in mind, and I've come to look forward to her ridiculous controversial interviews in which she talks about the power of vaginas, her desire to stab her boyfriend, and Michael Bay's irrefutable Napolean Complex. Am I a Megan Fox fan? It's too early to say. But holy heavens, I am psyched to watch her slurp down goo from a hook-up's chest in total corn syrupy Fountain of Youth glory.

P.S. I did, however, wear a skin-tight stretchy long black dress to my prom, because I thought it was totally Tom Ford-era Gucci.

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