Thursday, September 24, 2009

charmed, i'm sure

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's l'étoile magazine and Metro Magazine-sponsored mnfashion fete, Charmed Life. The event was held in the gorgeous atrium of the International Market Square, and featured four vignettes styled by interior designer Jeffrey Valley. Each scene was created to feature the work of a local designer. Aimee Dukes' Ferociter jewelry line was displayed in a traditional vanitas format, with skulls, tapestries, floral arrangements and candlesticks that would've made the Flemish masters jealous. Designer Laura Fulk, known for her edgy futuristic designs, was complimented with a modern contemporary vignette including orange polycarbonate chairs and end tables worth more than your first born. Ruby3 milliner Anna Lee and fashion designer Max Lohrback both had vintage-inspired vignettes that tied into their romantic sensibilities. Dozens of other designers, including Project Runway Season 6 contestant Christopher Straub and jewelry designer Robyne Robinson, sold their wares trunk-show style. I happily made off with a pair of Ferociter dangly earrings and an EC Design heart necklace. (I also managed to have a Ruby3 fascinator set aside so that I can pick it up this weekend at the designer's trunk show.)

The event went off without a hitch (well, there were a few microphone complications, but aren't there always?), and we certainly have our sponsors and volunteers to thank for that. My l'étoile partner in crime Kate Iverson and I hosted a styling challenge, and my most embarassing moment of the evening came when I introduced the judging panel and referred to Christopher Straub as a contestant on Project Runway "Season Sex." What can I say? If he didn't want the occasional freudian slip, maybe he shouldn't have been born so cute. Cheryl Tiegs was also among the judges, so there was definitely a starstruck moment or two. Her hair is fabulous, by the way.

Again, thank you to everyone who attended, our amazing sponsors, our dedicated volunteers, International Market Square, and Metro Magazine. l'étoile hearts all of you!

Be sure to check out Kate and me being interviewed about the event on Fox 9 News!

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