Friday, September 18, 2009

homeless people are, like, so last season

Model-turned-designer Erin Wasson made headlines when she stated that she got her fashion inspiration from homeless people. But come on guys, Erin Wasson's not that bad. Sure, she completely copied her jewelry designs from a struggling young designer and than actually posed in one of the original designer's pieces when being photographed for a Nylon article about her jewelry line. But, that could happen to anyone, right? As a matter of fact, I think Wasson's only offense in regards to her homeless fashion quote is that homeless people have been over for a while now. Crazy people are the new homeless people.

Like just today, I was on my way home from work and was totally inspired by this guy on the street wearing a giant Russian fur hat. Except when I got closer, I realized it was just his giant snow white afro. Yes kids, I saw black Bob Ross. And he was fabulous. As he walked down the sidewalk singing to himself in his ripped clothing and three(!) guitars, I said to myself, that guy is my muse. Because who needs to walk around carrying three guitars? Just a crazy musical savant, that's who! I mean, when I ask a woman how she decided to combine a kilt, a wedding veil and a wetsuit, I want the answer to be "The voices told me to." Seriously, there is nothing more inspiring than paranoid schizophrenia. Multiple personalities? More like sartorial variety! So screw you homeless people! Your day is over! Mental illness is the new black!

Unless you're mentally ill AND homeless, in which case, your future in fashion is bright, indeed!


momo said...

Have you been reading The Sartorialist again?

a tiny machine said...

not lately. i mostly just keep seeing erin wasson popping up during ny fashion week. she's like a zit, that way.

momo said...

He had a post of a supposedly homeless person and commenters fell all over themselves with "oh, the humanity" but a few of them asked him how he even knew if the guy was homeless or not.