Wednesday, September 2, 2009

rockin' robyne

I read New York Magazine's fashion blog The Cut almost every day. It's one of my favorite resources for fashion news and the writers have a wry sense of humor that I really appreciate. So I was thrilled when I went online today and saw a post featuring Rox, the jewelry line designed by Twin Cities Fox 9 news anchor and one of my favorite ladies, Robyne Robinson. Then I actually read what the post was about. Robyne's line of jewelry was used an example of what The Cut is calling a new trend: journalists designing fashion lines. It wasn't the most positive write-up, quite snarky actually, and I cringed when I saw that Robyne was being used as an example alongside Al Roker and his tentative line of Weatherproof coats. Yes, Robyne may be a news anchor, but she has been making and selling beautifully crafted jewelry for years. They're going to start selling her pieces at MoMA, which I'm fairly certain puts her in a slightly different design category than Mr. Roker. There's a reason that she's showing her collection at New York Fashion Week this year and that Project Runway contestant and fellow Minneapolitan Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman will be styling models with her jewelry for his Fashion Week show. Robyne is a talented and passionate designer, she also just happens to look great delivering the news in a sharp blazer.

photo of Robyne Robinson by l'étoile editrix Kate Iverson

Editor's Note: Sorry for the lame post title, but I've had the song "Rockin' Robin" stuck in my head for the last 24 hours.

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