Thursday, September 3, 2009

the witching hour

With True Blood's crazy-high ratings and the second Twilight film being released this fall, vampires won't be going anywhere soon. But believe it or not, many people are not sartorially inspired by Edward Cullen's sparkly skin and Bill Compton's gentlemany threads. For those young women (and men), I'd like to remind you of a little 90s movie called The Craft.

Wow, it does not get more 90s than Neve Campbell. I just watched this the other day and had forgotten how much I loved the black cardigans, thigh-high stockings, velvet chokers and pointy-toed granny boots. And with leather and over-the-knee boots already spotted as major trends for fall, these witchy styles have never looked more current.

Editor's Note: A Tiny Machine's appreciation of The Craft does not mean that she supports Fairuza Balk's cajun accent in The Waterboy. But Fairuza Balk is scary, so if you run into her, please don't mention it.

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Pink Julep said...

LOVE that horrid film! We just watched it a few weeks ago! Such a guilty pleasure watching bad movies cause they're just so, well... GOOD! haha Great Post!